I’m all for differing opinions, really I am, a have a bunch of friends that hate what I love (vice versa) and even some that ship some of my anti-ships…but I WILL NEVER GET how anybody can look at them and not see how they are fucking fantastically great for each other. She finally got a man that put her on equal footing with himself and he (shockingly) finally found a woman he deemed worthy enough to treat as an equal human being. Win/Win.

I can’t even lie, as a whole, I’m not always the biggest Jack fan. I think he’s a douche most of the time to most of the people on the Island, BUT…

I am in love with how he is with and around Juliet. He respects her, talks about her to others with respect, and is just an all around more pleasant person in her presence. He’s even got a soft tone while talking to her in this clip, and everybody, Jack fan or not, knows just how much Jack loves to yell and/or talk over everybody even when in normal non-angry situations.

Some days I just can’t pretend to not be upset when people don’t see this. Today is one of those days :(

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    [Real quick before I head to bed since I found this in my tags. Eugh this scene. All of the Jacket feels ;0;]
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